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What sets Local 11 apart from the rest:


Training and Technology

Roofers Union Local 11, is committed to staying at the forefront of Roofing Industry education and knowledge for safety and productivity. To meet today's roofing environment demands, our state-of-the art nationally recognized Apprenticeship Training Center trains the men and women who work in today's roofing industry. Continuing education for our workers is a high priority. Roofers Union Local 11 refers the best and safest roofers, many who have certifications important to your roofing company needs.


  •     Certified Roofing Torch Applicators
  •     Certified Asbestos Removal Workers
  •     Certified CPR/First Aid Employees
  •     Certified OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Employees
  •     City of Chicago Scaffold Complaint Employees
  •     Foreman Training Programs


Education and Safety

Roofers Union Local 11 offers a five year apprenticeship training program that is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. Our training programs focus on OSHA 10 Hour Safety training for our first year apprentices. Education in all roofing processes from low slope BUR to all single ply systems and steep slope slate, tile and asphalt shingle roofing. Our program also offers upgrade classes for journeyman workers who want to keep up with the ever changing roofing systems. Our facility is available to all signatory contractors at no cost to them for all training classes and all company safety programs to meet their insurance compliance needs.


Email or Call for a tour of our High Tech training facility.


When working together equals profit with Labor-Management Relations:


Cooperating as Business Partners

One of the hallmarks of Local 11 has been Labor-Management cooperation. Recognizing changes in the roofing industry, we sit down with our Contractors and discuss the issues relative to the local roofing industry. We understand the bottom line: working together creates growth and profits. Local 11 wants to help your business grow. Your business success is our business. Becoming a Local 11 Roofing Contractor can mean new business opportunities in all types of commercial, industrial and residential roofing projects.


Benefits of Local 11 Affiliation

Becoming a Local 11 Roofing Contractor means Quality, Value, Service and Excellence in the roofing industry. We can supply your business with highly trained dependable employees ready to perform all aspects of roofing and waterproofing. Our health benefits are available to all roofing employees and their families. Your employees will also have a local and an international roofing pension available to them. No added cost for safety training programs and professional representation in the roofing industry.


Email or Call one of our Representatives for information about becoming a signatory contractor.


Why Union Affiliation Equals Bottom Line Growth:


Growing Your Business

Becoming a signatory contractor with Roofers Union Local 11 can mean business growth in new markets in the roofing industry.


  •     Prevailing Wage Projects
  •     Union Labor Required Projects
  •     Responsible Bidder Projects
  •     Project Labor Agreements


New signatory roofing contractors are always needed to meet the expansive growth in the new construction union labor required markets. More and more public bodies are requiring Responsible Bidder language on Prevailing Wage projects. Urban sprawl and community development are creating more roofing project opportunities across Northern Illinois. Be a part of this Roofing Industry market growth, inquire about becoming a Local 11 signatory contractor. All roofing contractors realize the demanding manpower needs of the roofing industry. Let Roofers Union Local 11 help you with this necessity. Our manpower availability consists of highly trained and qualified journeymen and apprentices ready for all roofing projects.



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